Since my last post in November recording the milestone of our first wedding here at 10 Fitch, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Day have all come & gone. We closed the inn for 3 days at Thanksgiving & Rodney’s mom, stepdad, one sister & niece came and spent the holiday with us. Christmas we were closed for 4 days and our boys Raith & Ryan, as well as my sister, her husband and their 4 young children came to visit and saw 10 Fitch for the first time. My brother, his girlfriend and her daughter also made the 5 hour drive to spend the day after Christmas with us. Our granddaughter Raythy, came and spent 5 days with us the week before Christmas and we had a marvelous time with everyone! Here are some photos of us playing outside with Raythy.

Here is a photo of grandma Sally & Raythy that I took while they were coloring in the library. Can you believe those baby blues?

We were open for New Year’s and past guests Colleen & Craig Prince brought their close friends Linda & John Shwartz to spend a few days and ring in the New Year at 10 Fitch together. It was great seeing Colleen & Craig again so soon and meeting their friends.

Just before Christmas we hired a company to totally re-do the 10 Fitch website but it’s been slow moving because I haven’t sent the photos over to them to work with. I’m just figuring out how to use the new camera I got before Lee & Gary Alger were wed here in November and I had some knee surgery about 4 weeks ago that laid me up for a bit. But, now I’m back on track and hope to get everything in order for Acorn so they can get going on the new site. I hope that they are able to have it completed by the end of May.

Yesterday I was working on the photos here at my desk and I looked out the window and saw a deer foraging for food at the edge of the property. I grabbed my new camera and snapped a few photos. It just amazes me that we have so much wild life here in our back yard. We are in the middle of the historic district in the city of Auburn and yet we have had deer, wild turkeys, raccoons, and a groundhog visit us from time to time. I took these photos right inside the kitchen through the glass of the sliding doors that go out onto the deck.

It’s the middle of a long, cold winter here in the FInger Lakes and business, quite frankly, is slow. We are longing for spring as I’m sure everyone is, and decided to run a special now through the end of March. Come and stay in our beautiful spring-like suite, Garden View, at 10 Fitch 2 nights or more Sun-Thurs and get the special price of only $90 a night including breakfast! That’s a real bargain at half off the regular room rate.

10 Fitch, your romantic escape in NY states beautiful Finger Lakes region.

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