I’m so grateful for my mom Sally and all the help she gives me here running 10 Fitch. We have nicknamed her EB, short for Energizer Bunny, because she likes to be busy ALL the time! She does all the baking for the inn and about 75-80% of all the physical work around here from housekeeping to gardening. She is just amazing. Since selling her home and most of her possessions and moving here July 31 2007, she has had only a tiny little bedroom up on the third floor of the inn to call her own.

Several months ago we bought the property next door which is made up of a house with two apartments, a 3 car garage with a 2 bedroom apartment and a 2 bedroom cottage. The garage apartment and cottage apartment tenants were young couples who both bought homes and moved out shortly after we closed. So, we renovated the garage apartment for mom, new carpet throughout, new tile in the entry, bath & kitchen, new light fixtures and medicine cabinet in the bath. Mom completely repainted all the rooms and let me tell you the place looks amazing! Last night was her second night in her new place and today they are hooking up her cable for her. Tomorrow her new stackable washer & dryer come.
This morning when I came downstairs she was already here, of course, and I greeted her with “Good morning neighbor!” 🙂

This will give her some independence back and will enable her to have company! Her friend Joan is coming in a few weeks for a visit and now my sister and her family can come anytime too. It’s all good 🙂

10 Fitch, your romantic escape in NY states beautiful Finger Lakes region.

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