Being an innkeeper is the perfect occupation for me. I’m such a home-body! I often joke that if I could do my grocery shopping online and have my purchases delivered there would practically be no reason for me to ever leave the house! I love being home. But I’m also a very social person. I so enjoy being around other people and engaging in conversation. And because I’m an innkeeper I truly have the best of both worlds and really love what I do.

We have outfitted each of our suites with a room diary for the guests to write in and really look forward to checking them for new entries when we change over the rooms. Most of the time when guests write in them they simply thank us and describe what kind of stay they had. A few guests have actually written in the diary each day of their stay, listing activities, places that they have visited, and things that they have seen while here. Some have mentioned restaurants and wineries that they enjoyed and quite a few have raved about moms chocolate chip cookies. Most write just a few short lines but there have been a few who have written several pages. Whether our guests have written a lot or a little each entry is appreciated, enjoyed and treasured more than we could ever say.

When each quest checks out we always tell them that we hope they enjoyed their stay and they always say that they did but we know for certain that this is true when they tell us so in the room diaries and that is the most important thing to us, that they had a great stay. Our guests have said some very nice things to us and about us in the room diaries. It is so rewarding knowing that the little things we do to make our guests feel special, comfortable and pampered really impact their lives positively. They are able to relax here. They take delight in everything they see. They can let go of all their cares and just enjoy being in a peaceful, comfortable & beautiful place with the one they love. That’s what their entries tell us and we are so glad that they enjoy themselves at 10 Fitch.

There are a few diary entries that have stood apart from the rest, from my perspective anyway, and it’s not so much because of what was said but “how” the author said it. Being a creative & artistic person these entries are some of my favorites and I’d like to share a few with you.

This entry is very short, very sweet and I love the smiley face! It just makes me smile 🙂

This next entry was written by one of our “Spoiled Girls” who is obviously a doodler. Look at all those spirals!

No art work on this one but the words are artistically arranged. Just 6 words telling how they felt and what they enjoyed. I love this.

And this one… what an honor to have someone sketch their view of the suite they stayed in, complete with their picnic basket dinner on the floor in front of the fireplace!

10 Fitch, your romantic escape in NY states beautiful Finger Lakes region.

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