“Are You On The Lake?”

We often get calls from people looking to stay in the Finger Lakes who ask us if we are on the lake.

We are not. We are located on a quiet side street in Auburn’s historic district, within walking distance to downtown and several historic sites. But we are very close to several lakes including, Owasco Lake which is about 2 miles South, Cayuga Lake & the first of 16 wineries on the Cayuga Wine Trail; 15 minutes east, and Skaneateles Lake and it’s charming village is just 15 minutes west of us. So while we are not on the water we are very close to it and we also have water in our back yard. You can’t swim in it, or go boating but you can enjoy the relaxing wonderful sound that our little waterfall offers as our 7 colorful Koi swim in the pond.

When we bought 10 Fitch the previous owner had built a pond with a waterfall in the back yard. It was small, looked kind of like a volcano from the back of the property and we were always battling leaks and constantly having to fill it. The guests loved it. We loved the way it sounded…so relaxing. But when it got to the point where we were having to put water in it every day we decided we needed to have it re-done. We wanted to take it out and have a larger pond put in… one that we could have fish in, and we wanted to use flat flagstone instead of the round rock and boulders that enclosed the original, so it would blend in better with the architecture of the building and the exisiting flagstone pathways and patios of the garden. We had bids from several different companies and decided to hire Sensenig’s Landscaping in Waterloo, which we heard about through Dickman Farms We could not be more happy with the work that they did. The Koi pond came out beautiful!

And here is a picture of some of our new friends! I am trying to train them to eat out of my hand but you have to have a lot of patience, they are very shy.

There are two other Koi in the pond, Buttercup, a Koi about the size of Nemo, in fact you can just see his tail to the right of Nemo in the picture and Oreo is a small black & white Koi with two small red dots. All the Koi are fun to watch and each have their own personalities.

10 Fitch, your romantic escape in NY states beautiful Finger Lakes region.

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