It’s probably a good thing I didn’t learn that 10 Fitch was actually going to be airing on Wheel Of Fortune last night until the day before… I don’t think I could have stood the anticipation! It was so exciting to count down the hours yesterday before the show. Rodney & I went to dinner at Lasca’s and had a fantastic meal. They had lobster mashed potatoes which I ordered with my crab legs… oh my! If you ever see lobster mashed potatoes anywhere on any menu get them! Soo good! Anyway, after our wonderful dinner we headed back to 10 Fitch to watch Wheel Of Fortune.

When the show came on they introduced us as the prize for the first round with a great description and showed video of our inn. It was incredible to see our place on national television!

The Citizen called to day and did a phone interview about it and then sent a photographer over to take some pictures this afternoon. They are running an article in the business section tomorrow. It has been a very exciting couple of days!

10 Fitch, your romantic escape in NY states beautiful Finger Lakes region.

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