One of my favorite things about running a romantic bed & breakfast for adults is that almost everyone who checks in is here in anticipation of love, romance and very special time together with the one they love.  They are HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! Ahhhh… I have a great job! Whether they are here in celebration of an anniversary or birthday, honeymooning or babymooning with us, getting engaged or married here or just plain getting away so they can focus on each other, 10 Fitch becomes a part of their memories and their unfolding love story. I absolutely love that!

We have been blessed to share in some very special love stories in the three years since we have owned 10 Fitch. Last year, a young man from the Auburn area called me up and wanted to meet with me to discuss coming for a stay during which time he planned to propose to his beloved.  Brian Sevey came to 10 Fitch and sat with me in the living room sharing with me his ideas for a perfect proposal.  His excitement was contagious and he wanted to truly “wow” the special girl who had captured his heart. We put our heads together and designed a 2 night stay in English Suite which included a dozen red roses, romantic in-suite dinner picnic, couples massage, cheese fondue for two, candlelight turn down service and even a wedding planner book.  In April of 2009 Brian brought Audra to 10 Fitch and asked her to be his wife. She said yes!

Brian & Audra Sevey

Brian and Audra came back in February 2010 for a romantic 2 night stay and shared with us at that time that they had set the date for their wedding and would be married in August of this year.  Although they spent their honeymoon in Mexico we were thrilled and honored to have them on their wedding night and the next night as well. And we certainly look forward to being a part of their unfolding love story for years to come as they have already told us they love it here and will be back for anniversaries!

Lan & Henry Hsieh were married May 3, 2008 and honeymooned with us here at 10 Fitch for 4 nights.  We were so happy to have them book a 2 night stay with us the following year in celebration of their first wedding anniversary.  They honeymooned in Equestrian Suite and celebrated their anniversary in Garden View and when they left they said they would be back again and planned to stay in English Suite.

In April I received an email from Lan saying, “Hello dear Cheryl and Sally, Unfortunately we couldn’t come this year to visit you, but the greater news is that our daughter Hannah was just born. She is such a lovely angel to our life. May God continue to bless your home. Love, Henry and Lan”

We are absolutely thrilled for Henry & Lan!

Lee & Gary Alger

In November of 2008 Lee & Gary were the first couple to be married here at 10 Fitch.  Because it’s so romantic, they wanted to be married in front of the fireplace in the living room.  It was 65 degrees outside that day!  Yes, the fireplace was going and it was very romantic if not just a tad warmer than we would have liked. But it was a beautiful wedding with just the bride, groom, and two other couples in attendance.

Lee & Gary returned last year for their first wedding anniversary.  And we hope to see them again this year.

The Alger’s on their 1st anniversary

Ryan & Sigourney Larkin

Our latest elopement took place in the garden earlier this month.  Ryan & Sigourney Larkin were married in the garden out at the back Koi pond on Friday the 13th.  It was a beautiful day and the bride & groom were both glowing!  I posted the video of them exchanging their vows previously on the blog and will be adding their wedding pictures to an album on the photo tour page of the 10 Fitch website soon.  We wish them every happiness and hope that we have opportunity to follow their love story as it unfolds into the future.

10 Fitch, your romantic escape in NY states beautiful Finger Lakes region.

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