Thanks to facebook I’ve just created a couple of new ways to interact with our guests!  There is a new tab called “Fan Specials”.  This is where I’ll be posting some great specials, promos & discounts so check it out!  What’s really cool about this is it makes it easy for our fans to pass along the specials to all their friends!  If you do visit the 10 Fitch “Fan Specials” page on facebook and you like what you see don’t forget to click the like button!

Under the “Discussions” tab I’ve also just started a new topic called “What makes a stay at a bed & breakfast so special?” Actually it’s the only topic there right now and I’m hoping for some great feedback from everyone so if you’ve had a great bed and breakfast experience let me know what put it over the top for you!

I hope to see you on facebook soon!

10 Fitch, your romantic escape in NY states beautiful Finger Lakes region.

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