After several days of rain the sun finally broke through the clouds and although the temperature was still chilly we enjoyed the bright sunshine peaking in and out for most of the day.  Because it had been raining so much and we are about at our peak here in Cayuga county for fall color I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t get any good photos of the back yard before the leaves all fell off the trees, especially with the wind that came with the rain, but yesterday I jumped on the photo op that the better weather provided and did get some good ones of the back and the new koi pond that was put in at the beginning of the summer.

Also took some more breakfast photos this week.  We’ve been serving baked pears and apples a lot, the pears I’ve prepared a couple of different ways.  Here they are with ricotta cheese and candied pecans.

And another new dish that we just began serving which has been a big hit is the skillet poached eggs with prosciutto.  The eggs are placed in ramekins which have been oiled with an olive oil, green onion & parsley mixture which then becomes a delicious topping on the eggs when they are turned out onto the plate.  The arugula adds a nice fresh, subtle peppery layer of flavor as well as beautiful color. And speaking of color, saffron gives our breakfast risotto it’s beautiful, bright hue.

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Since 2007 Cheryl Barber has been passionately offering 10 Fitch as a quiet, romantic escape for adults only where couples can be pampered and reconnect as they build wonderful memories together.
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