It is unfortunate that we only just experienced this true gem of a restaurant for the first time two weeks ago. I had heard of Suzanne when I was gathering information for our new website last year but because it is located an hour away in Lodi when we had opportunity to go out to dinner we usually chose someplace closer to the inn. Then last month we had two different couples who stayed with us who dined at Suzanne during their stay and came back raving about it so, we decided that it was time to take a drive to Lodi and see for ourselves.

Now, why I said it was unfortunate that we didn’t go sooner is not only because we delayed a fine dining experience but also because Suzanne is only open seasonally and will be closing on December 19th and will not reopen until the end of March 2011. In November and December, they are open Friday through Sunday and will be closed Thanksgiving week. But if you are coming to the Finger Lakes and will be staying at 10 Fitch during this time I highly recommend that you make the trip to Suzanne’s for dinner.

We were at peak fall foliage colors when we drove there and the drive was lovely even though the sky was dark and threatening. The restaurant itself is a large, charming farmhouse with big front porch that overlooks Seneca lake. I took some photos of the restaurant and our meal but blogger is having some “issues” and will not let me post the photos.

But, we did have a very nice meal at Suzanne’s. Bob & Beth Stack have done an amazing job with this establishment. She is the chef and Bob helps her in the kitchen. The wait staff is young but eager and capable. The atmosphere was relaxing and beautiful from the fireplace to the view out the window to the fresh rose petal on each napkin.

My husband ordered the potato leek soup and I ordered the crab cake for appetizer. Both we delicious and beautifully presented. I then enjoyed the pork tenderloin special with mushroom sauce, snap peas and potatoes gratin while Rodney savored the filet with whipped potatoes and summer squash. We even saved room for dessert, which we never do, and each ordered something different. His was chocolate mine was a filled pastry of sorts. I had a glass of wine with dinner, Rondey had ice tea and we both enjoyed coffee with dessert. All was delicious and our bill including the tip was about $150.

When visiting the Finger Lakes area, be sure to make reservations early at our Auburn NY Bed and Breakfast, 10 Fitch, a Luxurious, Romantic Inn and for a real treat plan to do dinner at Suzanne’s one evening of your stay!

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