So, it was indeed a productive day!  Mom took down and put away all the Autumn decorations and we began getting ready to decorate for Christmas. The front entrance is done and inside it looks BARE with all the fall things now safely tucked away in bins, boxes and bags down in the basement and nothing Christmasy anywhere! But, a lot was certainly accomplished.

While mom was busy with that I worked away on the mobile website that I began on Friday. About an hour ago I finished it up and made it live. I’m so excited! Last week I attended a PAII webinar and found out that I HAD to get a mobile website up for 10 Fitch!  I knew I needed to get one up I just didn’t realize how crucial it was that I get it up right away! Thanks to the webinar and some research I found a site that pulls your information off your full site and reconfigures it to work with mobile phone formats.  I did have to do a lot of editing, adding some things, getting rid of some things but it gave me the bare bones structure making it much easier, and much less expensive to get it done than I had thought.  My first attempt I was basically trying to make it look just like the full size site, with all the pretties, graphics and fluff that I LOVE so much! Did not look so good on the phone tho, soooooo…. that’s when I really got down to business.  I think there is probably still too much on there, too much text, too many pictures, but it’s so hard to know what people looking at it will want! So, the next time you’ve got your phone in your hand would you take a look at 10 Fitch and let me know what you think?  You can post here on the blog  or on our facebook page.

10 Fitch, your romantic escape in NY states beautiful Finger Lakes region.

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