Package Spotlight: Make A Wish And Rekindle The Romance

We were getting a lot of one night stays where couples wanted to add a package but instead had to add individual items, which is great and allows you to really customize your experience at our romantic Finger lakes Bed and breakfast but it does take some thought and some time to go through the add on options and decide what you want and then add them to your reservation.

I realized that people coming in for just one night were missing out on the great thing about our packages, having a bundled group of desirable add ons, sometimes with a little savings thrown in, readily available and quick and easy to add to your stay without taking a lot of time or thought.

So, I set to work to create something that was very different from our already existing romance packages.  My mom had given my husband and I a wonderful, tasteful, romantic board game called “An Enchanting Evening” several years ago which we really enjoy playing.  ABC News called it “Love, Laughter and Romance…in a box.” The company that makes the game, and several other couples games, is called Time For Two. I decided to create my package around this game and include it in the package.

Make A Wish

The game starts out with each person writing down a “secret wish” that can be shared with their partner that evening then the couple takes turn rolling dice and reading/doing what the appropriate card says that they land on.  I decided to name the package “An Enchanting Evening – Make  A Wish & Rekindle The Romance” because that is what happens as you play this game!

But since the game is only part of the enchantment, the package also had to provide-

  1. quiet, private space and time to be alone and reconnect with one another. (Each of our beautiful and thoughtfully appointed suites offers such a space.)
  2. an inviting, relaxing, romantic atmosphere – soft lighting, music, comfy surroundings. (Each suite has a fireplace, comfy bed with the softest, silkiest, luxury bed linens, a bathroom with large European rain shower – two of the suites also have separate large tugs, iPod with romantic songs playlist and a docking station next to the bed, battery operated, realistic candles & silk rose petals which are used on the bed during the turn down service, comfortable seating in the living room of each suite.)
  3. food & beverage (the package includes chocolate covered strawberries, cheese fondue & sparkling juice and breakfast served in your suite the next morning.)

Let The Sparks Fly!

The rest would be up to the couple! And of course you get to take the game home with you when you check out so you can keep the spark going!

The Enchanting Evening package is priced at $149.99 and has become one of the most popular packages that we offer at 10 Fitch.  The most surprising thing to us is that couples staying for one night are not the only ones who order it!  It is however, wonderful for those who can stay just the one evening to have something so magical available to be enjoyed during their stay.  We have often had people call who want to give a gift to a couple that is staying with us here celebrating an anniversary or honeymoon and I usually suggest this package.  The game alone can also be added to any stay and makes a truly thoughtful and unique gift.

So, if you are thinking about getting away for a little romantic escape in the Finger Lakes consider coming to 10 Fitch and enjoying our Enchanting Evening Package.


10 Fitch, your romantic escape in NY states beautiful Finger Lakes region.

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