Three Surprising Dark and Dirty Coffee Maker Secrets

What you Don’t Know Could Hurt You!

Or at least keep you from enjoying a really great cup of coffee. Your coffee maker, it’s been hiding some secrets from you and I’m here to blow the lid off that puppy and reveal to you the dark and dirty truth once and for all!  Brace yourself because this is not gonna be pretty but it is necessary to face the truth so that you can do something about it! Don’t worry; I’ll help you with that too.

  1. Secret: If you have a drip coffee maker and have been regularly brewing coffee in it for a while I guarantee you that it’s dirty even if it looks clean on the outside.  Dirty equipment will definitely affect the taste of your Joe, but did you know that it can also impair your brewers operation and can even affect your health?!
  2. Secret: According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the National Coffee Association, the optimal temperature for brewing a great cup of coffee is 197.6 – 204.8F and most popular coffee makers brew within this range. Unfortunately, that may not be hot enough to kill any bacteria.  Mold & bacteria love moist, warm environments to grow in which makes your coffee maker an ideal spot to set up shop.
  3. Secret: If you leave paper filters full of used, wet coffee grounds in the basket until making the next pot of coffee you are inviting bacteria to the party.

Clean The Crud!

  1. First of all we are going to stop leaving used filters and grounds in the basket until we brew another pot… right?  As soon after brewing as possible we are going to remove the used filter and grounds and throw them in the trash.  Then we are going to rinse the basket and sit out to thoroughly dry before putting back in the brewer.  Once a week you should run the basket through your dishwasher or thoroughly clean it in hot soapy water and again, let dry thoroughly before putting back in the coffee maker.
  2. You should thoroughly clean your coffee maker a minimum of every 3 months to keep it running properly by removing mineral deposit build-up, and ensure fantastic tasting coffee and avoid illness by cleaning out coffee residue and killing any bacteria.

Here’s How – Get Your Brewer In Tip-Top Shape!

  1. Remove any filter that is in your coffee makers basket.
  2. Fill the water reservoir in your machine with equal parts regular white vinegar and water solution.
  3. Run a drip cycle and when the cycle is finished, turn off your coffeemaker but let the hot solution sit in the carafe for 15-30 minutes to remove and scale deposits from the carafe, then discard the solution.
  4. Finally, run at least three cycles of just clear water through your coffee maker to remove any lingering vinegar residue..
  5. Lastly, wipe down the exterior of your coffee maker and clean the removable filter basket, permanent filter if you have one and the carafe with hot soapy water and allow all parts to dry thoroughly before putting everything back together.

I showed you in the May 2014 newsletter how to quickly clean your coffee carafes, even of burnt on coffee crud, with dishwasher tabs and boiling water.  If you are not subscribed to the newsletter just fill out the form to the right to start getting it once a month.

Now that your coffee maker is all spiffy, inside and out, you should be able to actually taste the difference so go ahead and enjoy some java!

And rest assured that if you come to enjoy a little romantic escape with us at our Finger Lakes Bed & Breakfast we follow this process on our well used and loved Bunn coffee maker so you are sure to enjoy delicious fresh brewed Colombian each morning at 10 Fitch Luxurious Romantic Inn.

10 Fitch, your romantic escape in NY states beautiful Finger Lakes region.

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