Have you noticed the increasing number of hotels now offering some type of “Bed & Breakfast” package?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that these packages compare to what a real bed & breakfast offers!

This video about what it might be like if a bed & breakfast offered a “Hotel Package,” had me laughing out loud!  I think you’ll see the humor, as well as truth in it too.

But really, my husband has a saying he’s fond of when describing something that is fancied up to look more attractive on the outside but is essentially the same on the inside, “You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still going to be a pig.”  It is what it is, a pig, and no amount of lipstick is going to change that fact. What you have is a prettied up pig and that is all.  No one would mistake a sow wearing lipstick for a beauty queen right?

Then why would anyone think that a hotel “Bed & Breakfast Package” is anything other than a fancied up version of what a hotel would normally offer and not anything comparable to the kind of bed & breakfast package that small inns and B&B’s offer to their guests every single day?

Offering a bed to sleep in and some kind of breakfast in a bundled form does not a genuine, authentic, “Bed & Breakfast Package” make!

I can kind of understand why hotels are trying to attract guests and entice them with the suggestion that they will have a bed & breakfast experience at their establishments since more and more people are discovering that bed & breakfasts are a better way to stay. But no matter what you call it, a true bed & breakfast package is only found at a genuine, authentic, one-of-a-kind bed & breakfast, not at a hotel.  Why?  For sure innkeepers know how to put together some of the most wonderfully romantic and uniquely original and fun packages, with everything from picnic lunches to in-room massages to hot air balloon rides, horseback riding, dinner cruises, golfing, and so much more. But I think the biggest reason many people are becoming B&B converts has less to do with what is offered in a package and more to do with the kind of experience they know they will have when they are there.

It’s the genuine care given to the guests during their stay, the love with which hot, delicious, breakfasts are cheerfully prepared and served each morning, it’s the warmth, enthusiasm and knowledge of the innkeepers for the area, it’s  attractions and history, it’s the uniqueness of the home, the authenticity, attention to detail and interaction guests will encounter. These are the intangible,  non-duplicateable things that a hotel could never offer in a “Bed & Breakfast package”.

Hotel “Bed & Breakfast Packages” can offer a bed and they can offer breakfast and throw in a few niceties but make no mistake, it’s world’s apart from the value and experience that bed & breakfast guests enjoy when they stay at an authentic Bed & Breakfast.  Like the pig sporting candy-apple-red lipstick, it is was it is no matter what you call it.

I make you a promise, if you come to the Finger Lakes and stay at our luxurious, romantic bed & breakfast inn, you will encounter no prettied-up piggies here.

10 Fitch, your romantic escape in NY states beautiful Finger Lakes region.

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