It’s been many, many years since the Pajama Elf visited our home and brought our sons brand spanking new pajamas on Christmas Eve.  The family tradition began when our oldest son, Raith, now 31, was very young and growing fast as weeds.  Photos of Christmas morning before the Pajama Elf began his yearly visit show high-water bottoms and sleeves that were midway between the wrist and elbow.  The Pajama Elf thought that if he brought new PJ’s on Christmas Eve then all Christmas morning photos thereafter would definitely be much more pleasing to the eye, and so began the tradition.

This Christmas my husband thought it would be funny to give the boys onesie pajamas with feet in them, just like they had when they were kids.  Our son and dil are leaving today for Florida to spend Christmas with her family so we got together yesterday and celebrated Christmas.

So, with that little bit of information as a background, I present to you, The Return Of The Pajama Elf, Christmas 2014!

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