Innsider Secret: Fun And Easy Gift Wrapping Techniques!

Make a built in pocket for your cards, silk flowers, photo, embellishments, additional gift, whatever!  Get creative!

I’ve got two 10 Fitch Innsider Secrets to share with you today and they both focus on gift wrap.  One secret is a sweet way to wrap your packages neatly hiding any seams while at the same time creating a cool little pocket to hold whatever you like!  You can tuck in a greeting card and write the recipients name on the envelope so it also serves as a gift tag.  But you are not limited to cards. You could add all kinds of things to the pocket, personalizing it for the person you are giving it to or to fit the occasion as I did in the Valentines example here.

Gift Wrap Pockets Are Fun to Fill!

Torn, crumpled, sad gift wrap rolls!

The second Secret is a recycling hack I use to create clasps for my gift wrap rolls.  Until I found out about this super cool idea my gift wrap was looking pretty haggard.  I store my gift wrap rolls in tall boxes and plastic gift wrap bins and it was a real challenge keeping the wrap on the rolls once opened because the paper wanted to tear, crumple and unravel from the roll when removing or replacing the rolls back into the bins.  But this solution is simple, quick and ingenious and my many rolls of gift wrap have never looked neater or been easier to manage.

Watch this 6 minute video to learn both of this months 10 Fitch Innsider Secrets.

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