I have a confession to make – I detest ironing and avoid it if at all possible.

It’s such a time consuming, tedious chore!

Now, I understand that some people actually find it relaxing, but I can think of much more enjoyable ways to relax 🙂 I try really hard not to buy anything that is going to need ironing.  Years ago I bought a little hand held steamer which I thought would make de-wrinkling my clothes more tolerable and it did, but not much more.  You see, just like the iron, you had to fill it up, but with only distilled water, and then wait a few minutes for it to heat up and start producing steam and then you could use it on your clothes to get the wrinkles out.

Then my life dramatically changed forever a few years ago when I discovered Downey Wrinkle Releaser.  It comes in a spray bottle and works wonders on wrinkles and it’s really quick and easy to use. I loved this stuff and started using it all the time on mine and my husbands clothes.  My mom gave me a travel size bottle which is great because there’s only one thing I detest more than ironing and that is ironing while on vacation! Yeah, I’m being a bit dramatic but I think you get my point. My wrinkle releaser has saved me from countless hours of mind-numbing ironing, I am sure!

I bought a bottle to keep in the laundry room for the inns linens and started using it on robes, table cloths, and sheets that came out of the dryer a bit wrinkly. As wonderful as this miraculous concoction is, I did find it to be quite pricey, around $8 for a 16.9 oz bottle, and I was going through a bottle in no time because of course, I wasn’t ironing anything! Then I a couple years ago I found a recipe on Pinterest for a homemade version and have not bought another bottle since!

The recipe is simple and you only need an empty 16 oz spray bottle, fabric softener, rubbing alcohol and water.  Here’s the directions for making your own wrinkle releaser:

  • Put 1 TBS of fabric softener and 1 TBS rubbing alcohol in the spray bottle and then fill the bottle with water, put the spray nozzle on and shake well to mix ingredients.  That’s it!  To use it you can take a garment and leave it on a hanger or lay it out on a flat surface, such as your bed, like I did with the blue shirt in the picture, and then lightly spray where wrinkled.  You want to dampen the fabric but not saturate it. Use your hand to smooth out the wrinkles and tug on the fabric slightly and then let it dry completely and the wrinkles should be gone!

I also use my wrinkle re-leaser to banish static cling, especially on blankets and microfiber sheets in the winter, and to freshen clothing.

So, why not make your own flat-iron-in-a-bottle, wrinkle-re-leaser spray and give it a try?  Tell me what you think!

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