Cool camouflage trick makes your router disappear into the decor of your room!

A month or two ago my mom finally got internet at her house.  Although I know there are still many people on the planet who don’t have the internet it did sort of feel like she was one of the last ones holding out.  Technology is not her thing and she really didn’t even get it for herself but for company when she has visitors.

Since you are reading this I’m going to assume that you are on the list of those who do have internet and because you have it you also have a router someplace in your house that sends the “magic” internet signal out into the…. uh…. air so that your computer, smartphone, tablet can… uh…. catch it.  Well, I might not really understand how it works but I can tell you that it is a less than attractive box thingy with blinking lights on the front of it and antennas sticking out of it and this makes it qualify as ugly and distracting in my book. And while I can’t really do anything about those antennas, I can disguise the unit itself so that it blends in with the surrounding decor.  This project is very easy and quick.  I don’t think it took even 10 minutes. Here’s what I did:

First you need to find a hardbound book that you don’t mind removing the cover from.  And you will need to make sure that your book cover will fit your router.  The book can be larger around than your router is but it should be about the same thickness. Mine was very close to the same size as the router.
I have lot’s of old books that I picked up at garage sales and such and use the pages for crafting and card making so of course I selected a volume of the correct size that had a nice, slightly decorative cover.

Then I carefully removed the book from it’s binding using a razor to slice through the paper, being very careful not to cut through the binding of the book itself.

Then I stuck my router into the book cover with the binding facing out when the cover is closed over the top of the router and ta da! Project done!

Afterward, I also did two other things – I added some other books which I had not removed the pages from, one underneath and a small one on top, just to make the display a bit more interesting.

And because my router had a sort of vent along the top back which I could feel heat escaping from, I added a thin strip of self stick felt to the inside of the cover, just in front of where the vents are when the cover is closed.



 Looks way better doesn’t it?

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