With this simple little trick you can easily put your duvet cover back on even if there is no one around to help you.

 First things first.  You might be wondering what the heck is a duvet?

That’s what they call a comforter, or soft quilt filled with synthetic fiber, down or feathers, in France. In Australia it’s known as a doona. in Europe it’s used instead of an upper sheet and blankets on your bed.  Here at 10 Fitch we actually use them along with the sheet and a lightweight blanket in the winter.

The duvet is stuffed into a washable, removable cover. Picture a very large pillow case with the 2 long sides and one short side sewn closed.  The open end of the duvet is folded over to create a flap and usually closes with buttons or tabs that are tied. They can purchased  in a variety of colors and patterns allowing you to quickly and inexpensively change the look of your bed just by replacing the cover.  There’s just one tiny little blemish on this otherwise perfect duvet picture- it can be a pain in the butt to get the darn cover onto the duvet!

Until recently it took two of us to stuff the duvet cover with the duvet, each of us holding a corner of the duvet and the cover and wiggling, tugging and shaking everything into it’s proper place.  Phew!

Then I saw this video and was tickled to have discovered a way to make this task so much easier than I ever dreamed it could be and it’s really kind of cool how it works.  Take a look and tell me what you think.

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