How To Create An Ahhh-mazing Sleep Experience – Part 2

“What kind of mattress is in our room?”, “Those sheets are amazing!  What kind are they?”, “We’ve never slept so good!  What is that pad on top of the mattress?” These are all questions that we receive on a regular basis here at 10 Fitch Luxurious Romantic Inn so, back in January I began sharing with you the answers to some of these questions, the secrets that make our beds, and our guests sleep experience, exceptional. I am letting you know so that you can recreate the same experience for yourself at home.

More Padding Please

If you receive our monthly newsletter and clicked the link in the section titled “More Padding Please” or maybe even clicked the live demo link, about the new mattress pads that I had just ordered, you probably thought I was quite possibly just a little overly excited about them! Well, they came in and the first one went right on my own bed so I could give it a test drive before our guests experienced them.  I am actually quite shocked at how much of an improvement this mattress pad is over the one I had on my bed, which I thought was pretty nice! Now, I haven’t laundered it yet so I can’t comment on the EZ zip off top and how well that works but so far I am more than happy with the purchase and look forward to feedback from our guests. I also gave you info about our mattresses, amazing sheets, and that we use faux feather beds. Now I’ll finish building our bed and the rest of the 10 Fitch sleep experience for you.

  1. Blankety, blank blank – We have one blanket on each of our beds, just one.  We love an all season microplush blanket like these on the beds, because they are warm in the winter yet light enough for summer when the air conditioners are running. One side is microfiber and the other side is plush like velour.  They wash great! 
  2. Pillow Talk – We like faux down again because it’s hypoallergenic and makes cleaning super simple. I bought most of our pillows at Bed Bath and Beyond and they were between $60 – $70 a piece.  I got side sleeper pillows so they are soft but not too soft.  We have zip off pillow covers on all the pillows, again so we can wash them easily. 
  3. Icing On The Cake –  Each of our beds is topped with a coverlet in the summer or a comforter or duvet in the winter.  Faux down of course. We wash our bedding frequently so I look for durable and easy to care for but also luxurious looking and feeling fabrics. 
  4. Beyond the Bed – I think the bed is a major key component for a great nights sleep but there are some other things that we’ve paid special attention to that I think combined with our great beds work together to provide for our guests a stellar experience.
      • We use relaxing color tones and patterns, nothing too vivid or bright, in our decor.
      • Windows are covered with window treatments and shades that are pulled down to filter out bright morning sunlight.  Upon request we also provide sleeping masks for our guests to use during their stay.
      • Dim the display – Our iPod docking station alarm clocks have a “brightness” button to adjust the digital display.  You can dim it or even turn it completely off if those bright numbers bug you.  If you don’t have this feature on your alarm clock use a sticky note to cover it.
      • An iPod with a selection of excellent, relaxing, playlists is provided for each guest room – instrumental relaxation, spa sounds & sleep sounds as well as a Love Songs playlist.
      • We provide ear plugs to block out all sound if that’s how you sleep best.

    • Clean The Noise  – Just like light, unwanted sounds can disrupt your sleep. Hubs and I have an air purifier in our bedroom that emits a constant, fan-like sound, providing excellent white noise, which helps to mask any unwanted sounds. White noise machines with adjustable volume are installed near the bed in each one of our guest suites.  To recreate this at home you don’t even need a machine because now you can just download an app for your smartphone.  Does the sound of gentle rain on the roof lull you to sleep?  How about a crackling campfire and the sound of crickets?  Ocean waves?  Wind chimes or the wind through the trees? That’s the kind of thing you can experience with these apps. A really nice one, and it’s FREE, is ipnos softwares Sleep Melodies. It can help you with more than just relaxing and sleeping too.  I have it installed on both of my office Macs and use the Binaural beats to help me concentrate and keep distractions at bay since my computer/offices are located in my and hubs living room and in the kitchen, where there is often plenty of activity going on around me.
    • Aromatherapy –  Scientific evidence suggests that aromatherapy with lavender may slow the activity of the nervous system, improve sleep quality, promote relaxation, and lift mood in people suffering from sleep disorders. Each of our guests is given a lavender sachet which they may take home with them.  During their stay, we place it on their pillows when we do their evening turn down.
    • Clean & Tidy – Clean & uncluttered is the environment that best fosters healthy sleep. Believe it or not, messiness and clutter produce stress, which you definitely don’t want in the bedroom. You can rest assured that when you come to 10 Fitch you will check in and find your suite clean, uncluttered and inviting and unless you tell us otherwise, we will refresh your room daily for you during your stay.

    See these online resources for more in depth information on how clutter and messiness can affect your sleep.

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