An Innkeepers Life – Taking a Break
Just Girls Getaway

In the 11 years since we’ve owned 10 Fitch my mom and I have spent a lot of time together. There’s a so much to do around here, all of the time. We’re grateful for the times when we have had outside help but at least 25% of the time it’s just been mom, my hubby Rodney, and myself doing all that is required to get things done and keep this place running.

chocolate chip cookiesMy mother Sally is an amazing women and if you have visited us and met her you will wholeheartedly agree with that! She is responsible for the delicious chocolate chip cookies that fill our bottomless cookie jar on the bar that our guests enjoy and rave about on Trip Advisor. She is an absolute clean freak and is happiest when she is helping others and keeping busy.

Our days are full and there is little time to just relax and enjoy each others company. If we aren’t careful it can wear us out. It’s important we take a little break now and again. Rodney and I have opportunity to travel several times a year together but I’ve not spent much recreational time with my mom let alone going on a fun trip with her.

This year, as Mother’s Day was approaching I decided it was time to change that. I thought it would be so fun to surprise mom with our own little “girls getaway” so we could just enjoy one anothers company and be away from the endless work at 10 Fitch. Rodney thought it was a great idea and encouraged me to plan the trip and block our rooms for the dates that we would be away.

I felt like a little kid a couple of days before Christmas! I was so excited just thinking about what this trip was going to mean to my mom! I love her so much and she is such a blessing to us, I really wanted to express that to her in a tangible way. I spent several days doing research on VRBO and found a really cute little cottage on Skaneateles Lake that was available for the dates I wanted.

I made a special card for her for Mother’s Day which had a photo of the little cottage on the back. The anticipation of her opening and reading that card was incredible but not as incredible as telling her that we were going away for 3 days to that little cottage, just she and I.

The day of our check-in to the little cottage arrived. We loaded up the car and after a short 15 minute drive, arrived at our destination. If you care to find out what mom and I did on our trip check back for the next blog post where I’ll let you know and share some photos too!

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