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You should know that while we have been closed, you have been in our thoughts and we’ve been busy planning, and polishing the 10 Fitch experience to prepare for our re-opening in compliance with all current, applicable, health, safety, and social distancing protocol. 

Prior to booking your stay please become familiar with following information so that you can plan your stay with confidence in our redesigned 10 Fitch guests experience.  We trust that if you book a stay with us you agree to cooperate fully with our current protocols and adjustments. This page will be updates as our protocols evolve. 

Covid-19 Liability Statement – Recent NY State guidelines require us to share the following with you. 

10 Fitch Luxurious Romantic Inn is absolved of all liability for anyone infected with coronavirus during their stay. By staying at 10 Fitch, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. Because the innkeepers share our home with guests we already have and will continue to take all measures necessary to keep our property as safe and comfortable as possible for our guests as well ourselves and our staff amid the coronavirus pandemic, but please understand that there is a shared responsibility between guests and 10 Fitch. 

Here are some current 10 Fitch refinements 

  • Availability – Through the end of 2020 there will be a 2 night stay minimum requirement and we will only be accepting a very limited number of reservations. From May 22 until the end of June only one reservation, in one suite, a maximum of 2 guests, will be booked per calendar date. So, while you are staying with us you will be our exclusive guests!  You won’t be having breakfast with anyone else in the dining room and interaction with staff will be limited to breakfast service or at your request.  
  UPDATE 6/9/20 When NY state moves to Phase 4 of re-opening we will begin accepting reservations in 2 suites but will have no more than 4 guests at any one time staying at the inn through the end of 2020. 

  • Safety & Security For Everyone – I’m sure that just as we have during this unsettling time, you have found your own home to be the one place that you could always feel safe and secure. The reason being that you can control who comes in and what they do when they are there.  That is why although we were deemed essential under the lodging category, we chose to completely close down and not take any guests from February 3rd until May 22nd.  10 Fitch is a Luxurious Romantic inn, but it is also the innkeepers home.  Now that we are open again, and following all safety guidelines and ordered mandates, we are asking our guests to respect the refinements, protocols and procedures that we have put into place so we can also feel safe as we offer our beautiful home and shared living space as a respite to our guests. Consider what safety and security measures you would want others to follow in your own home for your protection if they were allowed in and how you would feel if they did not respect them.  That is exactly how we will feel if you do not respect ours. 
  • Prior to Arrival – The innkeeper will contact you to discuss details and share and collect additional information about your stay, such as contactless check-in and any special needs you may have. If you are not feeling well on the day you are supposed to check in please do not come. Contact the innkeeper as soon as possible to cancel your stay and receive a gift certificate. If you arrive and appear to be ill during your stay you may be asked to leave and not provided a refund.  
  • Upon Arrival – We will expect you to arrive at the time that you previously indicated but do request the you text us 30 minutes prior to your arrival to let us know you are on the way.  The number will be provide to you along with additional information detailing what to do once you are inside the inn will, once you have booked your stay. 
  • Your Suite – As always, your suite will be impeccably clean, and we are following current sanitation guidelines, to insure your comfort, health and safety. Suites will be vacant for a minimum period of 72 hours between reservations. Decorative pillows, throws, comforters, robes, hair dryers, magazines, books, pamphlets etc. have been removed but some items will be available upon request. Once you arrive, no one will be entering your suite for any reason other than an emergency.  Along with 2 bottles of water, we will place in your refrigerator any food items requiring refrigeration that you have pre-ordered, items that you have selected for use with your coffee and tea in the morning such as half and half, almond milk, orange juice and any soft drinks that you have preselected. 
  • Breakfast – We will continue to provide our delicious, full, complimentary chef’s choice breakfast during your stay but please keep in mind that due to the pandemic many items and ingredients are sometimes not readily available, including some specialty items for dietary restrictions. We appreciate your understanding.   If two couples are with us at the same time we will seat them at opposite ends of the dining room table and provide each couple with their own juice, coffee, condiments etc. so no sharing will take place.  
  • Daily Room Refreshing, Nightly Turn Down service, and Candle Light Turn Down Service – In order to minimize contact, these services have been paused at this time    
  • Necessities – At Your Request – The following items normally available to guests without having to ask for them will still be available but by request, such as robes, fresh towels, certain or extra toiletries, extra pillows for sleeping, plastic cutlery, paper plates, napkins, additional tissues, soap and other toiletries.    
  • Common Areas – Because 10 Fitch is home to the innkeepers movement on the main floor of the inn by our guests will be restricted. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Other than the foyer, all indoor common areas, including the main floor bathroom, will be closed to guests with the exception of the dining room during the breakfast hour from 9 until 10am each morning, and for access to the back yard after speaking to the innkeeper. 
  • Complimentary Snacks, Beverages etc. – In place of the usual snack & beverage access in our common areas, we will provide you with a menu of available items that may be delivered at your requested time and left outside your door, to enjoy during your stay with our compliments. including coffee, tea, cocoa, hot cider, bottled water, soft drinks, cookies, and assorted snack 
  • Ice – The Ice machine is closed but small amounts of ice will be available upon request 
  • Outdoor Spaces – Our big, beautiful back yard await your enjoyment!  The veranda, gazebo, pond benches & back patio are available to you during your stay. To ensure your safety we will require that you speak to us before heading out to ensure that everything has been sanitized and is ready for your enjoyment. The deck, is closed to guests and only for staff use. 
  • Fire Pit –  
The innkeepers frequently relax out at the fire pit in the evenings and you are always welcome to join them. Guests are not permitted to start fires in the firepit.  
  • In Suite Food Service –  
  • Breakfast: In room breakfast service will continue to be available as a paid enhancement but will be modified in keeping with safety regulations. Sanitized tables & chairs, a table cloth and table setting,  will be left in your room prior to your arrival. The covered breakfast tray with the first course will be brought up, along with your beverage choices, and left outside your door at a prescheduled time. The main course will be brought up in the same manner and you will be notified via text that it has arrived. 
  • Cheese plates, antipasto, picnic lunches, chocolate covered strawberries may still be ordered and scheduled at the time of booking. We will do our best to prepare your order according to the enhancement description but please note that shortages of available ingredients may require substitutions. 
  • Dining – Local Restaurants inside dining rooms currently remain closed to indoor diners but most are offering take out or delivery and many are now serving dinner with outside seating available. For your convenience we will provide you with a list of restaurants and contact information that you can order food from for lunch and dinner.  Wegmans, just around the corner, also has a deli and prepared food options which may be purchased and brought in. For your convenience we are making a microwave available on the same floor as your suite to reheat leftovers or prepared items from Wegmans. 

We can’t wait to welcome you back to 10 Fitch…. at a safe social distance of course! 


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