The Gardens

Come explore our back yard and gardens here at 10 Fitch, beautiful and ever changing in every season to delight all your senses. The perennial beds come alive with color, texture and the sweet perfume of multitudes of delicate blossoms.

The Secret Garden at the back of the property was originally landscaped by a Cornell University student in the 1920s with a series of stone step pathways leading into a depression. Over the years it had grown over and become a dumping ground for trash and debris.

When we purchased 10 Fitch we knew that we wanted to do something special with this area. In 2010 it was cleaned out and the large Koi pond, waterfall and stone patio that exists today was built to follow the natural slopes of the landscape and new stonework replaced the old steps and pathways. The following year a large screened in gazebo was built on-site, partially on stilts that overhang the bank leading down to the pond. Electric landscape lighting, a bench and many new scrubs and plants have been added since. This lush, tranquil location in the yard is a favorite spot for deer and our two resident ground hogs, Chubby & Chunky.

Stretching the length of the house and facing the Secret Garden, our veranda & deck overlook the small Koi pond and are the perfect place for breakfast on warm summer mornings or to just sit and relax any time of day.

In the spring, fall, and on cooler summer nights the fire pit in the center of the veranda is often lit and is a great spot to gather and socialize over a glass of wine or mug of hot cocoa.

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